Rio Olympics 2016 - Haitian Wrestler Wants to Bring Haiti her First Olympic Medal in 88 Years

Did you know? The last time Haiti won an Olympic medal was 88 years ago... Haitian wrestler Asnage Castelly want to change that. Asnage is heading to Rio Olympic Games in Brazil this August and he is determined to bring Haiti her first Olympic medal in 88 years...

PHOTO: Asnage Castelly - Haitian Wrestler

KREYOL: Haiti Sport - 88 lane pase depi Haiti genyen yon Médaille Olympique... 88 lane... Yon Haitian vle chanje sa... Asnage Castelly se yon lutteur, misye pwal Lutter pou Haiti nan Jeux Olympiques Rio 2016 yo. Li vle pote medaille la bay Haiti... Kisa ou panse de sa???

Representing Haiti in the sport of wrestling at the Olympics was no easy task for Asnage Castelly, according to an article on NPR, wrestling is not a sport that really practiced in Haiti and the Haitian authorities were not even interested. It took a lot of convincing, Asnage said.

The Rio Olympic Games in Brazil begins Friday, August 5 2016 and ends on Sunday, August 21.

Best of luck to you Asnage Castelly, bring home the Gold medal will you???

What do you think about that?

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Delano Georgio says...

Paske depi 88 lané sé fokè magouyè vicieu kréten ki nan tèt pays d'Haiti kom swa-dizan gouvènman sé plen poche yo san yo pap okupé zafè peuple lan!

Donk sé très simple ke sport nan Haiti pou ri paske swa-dizan gouvènman yo pouri!
Ki sa nou pa ka konpran'n

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Hodney Sou Facebook says...

Enpòtan wi, m swete misye kouraj pandan lap travay si paske si li vini ak meday la, se ap yon fyète pou

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