Haitian Woman gives birth to Siamese Twins (Connected Babies)

A Haitian woman in Grande Anse Haiti gave birth to a pair of conjoined twins, also known as Siamese twins, for a total of 16 children.

connected babies, Conjoined Twins, Siamese Twins

Roselaine Clermont already had 14 children before giving birth to two new babies, conjoined twins.

According to Radio Caraibes, "les nouveaux-nés sont reliés par les fesses." In English that means the two babies are connected by their buttocks

I did some research, I believe they are called "rachipagus conjoined twins"

The babies are in good healthy conditions.


It is said that "surgery to separate conjoined twins may range from relatively simple to extremely complex, depending on the point of attachment and the internal parts that are shared. Most cases of separation are extremely risky and life-threatening." (wikipedia)

Does Haiti have the medical capabilities to deal with this type of surgical procedures?

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Andy says...

Eske timoun yo mouri vre. si yo pa mouri se pou y ale kote directe en chef lopital la pou fe yo jwenn yon visa, pou yo ka al fe operasyon, paske mwen pa koue Ayiti ka fe travay sa nan sal ye

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Fara says...

Frantz mwen pat konin ke timoun yo mouri deja ok papa, se hier yo voye li ban mwen sou email mwen ok, alors mwen te bay idee pa mwen, en plus kote map viv la pa gen program Hatians mwen pa FL mwen

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David Grant says...

With the economics situation in Haiti, it is mind boggling to understand why a woman allows herself to conceive sixteen babies; one wonders whether the womenfolks in Haiti are educated in family planning.

In other Caribbean Island, the governments make sure they put family educator in the field to educate and prevent such trajedy.

I do not think it wiill be difficult to separate those conjoined twins; since they are only attached by the buttock and, do not share internal organs..

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Frantzy says...

Ti moun yo mouri deja

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Farah says...

se pou yon moun ale mande Aide avec missionaire yo ki en province ou bien nan port au prince, peut etre yo ka voye timoun yo lot bo dlo ale fe operation.

mais fo yon moun ale cherche

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