Haiti Students Threaten to ruin Kanaval if Gas Prices does not lower to 100 Gourdes

Port-au-Prince is really tense this Thursday 5 Feb 2015, Haitian students are making lots of threats including Burning down Carnival floats and/or stands if gas prices does not lower to 100 gourdes in the country...

KREYOL: Haiti - Elèv Universite d'Etat yo di PAP gen kanaval si pri Gaz a pa desann a 100 Goud... Gen yon ki di nan micro lapress "Si gas la pa desann, n ap boule cha Kanaval yo!" Lot deklare PAP gen Kanaval... Kisa-w panse???

Earlier today, Student from one of the state universities block the area near the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince... Haitian radio reported rocks and tracts being put in the streets... Some kind of protest operation.

Haitian police has been trying to keep the students at bay by using tear gas. Students reacted by throwing rocks at police.

All this is going on supposedly because gas is too expensive in Haiti...

What do you think about that?

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Garry says...

Martelly should grow balls.

There should a price to pay for vandalism.

his term is five years if one is caught vandalizing sentence him to a number of jail years and force labor.

he will end up contributing and have a skill.

he is my man but I am tired of the bad news with no

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Han says...

It's time for the government to reestablish order in the country enough is enough.

No order, no peace not development no growth and Haiti will continue to sink in the

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Subject: Haiti Students Threaten to ruin Kanaval if Gas Prices does not lower to 100 Gourdes edit

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