Haitian Students return to school 8 Sept 2014, How will that affect your pockets?

Students in Haiti return to school on 08 September 2014. So far, the Haitian media is reporting that parents are not ready. Education is free for many in Haiti with the LEKOL GRATIS program that the martelly administration is pushing but... How much does it cost for those who have to pay for it in CASH?

A couple of days ago, I over heard a Haitian lady talking to her sister overseas. They were complaining about the about of money the diaspora sister had to send to Haiti just for school payments to her relatives whom she supports in Haiti.

This makes me realize that school opening in Haiti is a big deal for all Haitian parents in Haiti and in the diaspora.

How will school openings in Haiti affect your pockets?

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Prich says...

Man, you have to live it to believe it. In the case you're one of those parents who are thinking about a medium quality to high quality school for your children the situation gets even worse.

About 80% of schools in Haiti is private and not regulated by any laws aside from the academic curriculum and calendar, set by the state.

The schools have installed fees that are evidently ridiculous and irrelevant in the face of everyone and don't have to explain for them to any instance or anyone, plus the parents have to pay for all manuals, tools, etc..., furthermore and widely have to purchase uniforms often from the schools.

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Marie Salomon says...

It is a great idea to help move the country

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Subject: Haitian Students return to school 8 Sept 2014, How will that affect your pockets? edit

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