The Haitian Internet People

Hell, there are no rules here! We're trying to accomplish something!

- Thomas Alva Edison -

Although the internet is very young amongst the Haitian community, I am sure you agree that it is a very important part of everyday life.

It seems to me that Haitian Businesses still have no idea that there is a place called "the Internet" and there are people here looking for their business.

  • We are the Internet people!
  • We go online to look for information.
  • Wouldn't it be nice to get all our Haitian Information there as well?

I made it easy and FREE for Haitian promoters to list their events online by going to ] and only a handful do it.

I made it easy and FREE for Haitian Businesses and Proffessionals to list their businesses online by going to ] and only a handful do it.

So I am thinking...

  • Maybe it's because we are not loud enough...
  • Maybe it's because we forget to tell them that "If your business is not online, then ou pa kanpe sou anyen"
  • Maybe they don't know it's the only way to reach the HAITIAN Generation Next.

It's time for the Haitian businesses to realize that there is New Haitian consumer base that they are not advertising to:

  • They surf the web every day
  • They DO NOT listen to AM Radio
  • They download MP3s straight from the web
  • They're hooked on HIP HOP - whether it's Haitian Hip Hop, American Hip Hop, or Reggae, it's still Hip Hop

What's Haitian Hip Hop you ask?

Listen to Carimi, T-Vice, Konpa Kreol, Alan Cave, NuLook...

That's Hip Hop Baby... Our Haitian Hip Hop!

I spoke to many haitian business owners who dont even have access to the internet... that explains why they cannot benefit from the money in our pockets and the pockets of the Haitian Generation Next.

No Haitian Business is advertising to them... How are they supposed to know about you?

If you know anyone who does business in your area, Please encourage them to at least have their business listed on the internet.

It's the first step towards catching on to the new Haitian Wave

If they don't have intetnet access... I guess... that will explain why they are so...

S... M... A... L... L...

Article by: Woodring Saint Preux

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