Haitian Businessman in DR affected by Haiti-Dominican Relationship

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic
Some Haitian businessmen are hurting in the Dominican Republic due to a slow down in Haitian merchants coming into DR... Recently, we met with a young Haitian businessman in Santo Domingo who said his business is deeply affected by the relationship between Haitian and the Dominican republic.

KREYOL: Haiti-RD business -- Nou aprann gen anpil ti biznis Haitien nan Sen Domeng ki afekte paske sevis yo bay lot bo a plis focus sou ti machann Haitien ki vinn achte nan peyi vwazen men pwoblem relation ant Haiti ak Sen Domeng lakoz traffic la ralanti. Kisa ou panse?

This young man and his brother owns a couple of businesses that caters so Haitian merchants (ti machanns) who travel to DR to purchase items to resell in Haiti. From what one of them told me, the number of merchants traveling to DR is seeing a sharp decrease and it's affecting his businesses directly.

"Our restaurant which caters to Haitian merchants in the business district is receiving less and less customers. Our beauty supply business is also suffering and this directly link to the problems between Haiti and the Dominican Republic."

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Carlo They should use their clout to pressure the DR government to alleviate the suffering of other Haitians living in the bateys.
Reply · April 21 at 3:56 PM
Ricart Find another source to purchase and not go to DR? Hatien not supposed to even travel to DR? You Haitians surely like to talk shit. Here's what poor... see more
Reply · April 19 at 5:57 PM
Stcharles Thankyou so much.But,for any reason :a valuable Haïtien not suppose to even travel to the d r...
Reply · April 16 at 7:02 PM
Netty Expected. Who would want to risk being killed just to make a buck. As a business person I would find another source to purchase from and not go to DR.
Reply · April 16 at 9:56 AM

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