Haitian Boat People... Should we be ashamed?

Good Morning, Once Again... Today I am about to discuss a very touchy subject; the subject that is all over the news

The Haitian Boat People...
Why are they coming here?

I am still trying to figure out how the Richest Colony in America became the poorest country in the western hemisphere

I am still trying to figure out how the FIRST Black Nation in the world is still UNABLE to Govern itself

I am still trying to figure out why Haitian Politics is just a BLAH-BLAH-BLAH for little Black Folks (Ti Nèg Nwè) who think they're smart...

Are you really?

You "Parler Francais?"
... Who Gives a Damn...
Your people are dying... Man!...

Not because they hate the land...

Because they need Jobs... and you don't give it to them

Because they need to earn an honest living... and you're busy playing politics

Because they don't want to rob you... and you're robng them

Do you have a television?
Mr. Smart Haitian Politician...
Did you see the little children?
Jumping OFF the Boat!...

They are Haitians, Where Black People have been FREE for almost 200 years...

They are dying at Sea... because you are doing...

  • POCKET Politics
  • FRANCAIS Politics
  • instead of PEOPLE Politics

I am still trying to figure out how the SECOND Independent country in America is the worst place to live...

So bad that it's citizens are forced to sacrifice their lives and the life their kids in order to escape

Haiti is still a colony... Sadly it is not owned by the United States, it is not owned by France, nor Spain...

It is owned by Idiots who think they are smart...

It is owned by Haitian idiots... that's why I am crying today

Let's Have a Haitian Social Revolution
Today, Friday, November 01, 2002, I Woodring Saint Preux hereby propose a Haitian Social Revolution

I would like every Haitian person who hold public office to take off their ties and let some blood flow into their brains

I would like each and everyone of them to stop the screaming, yelling, tching, and moaning, and start thinking of ways to better HAITI

Should We Be Ashamed?
Haitians are hard working people

They don't want your food, they want to pay for it

they don't want your money, they want to earn it honestly

Mr. Politician...
We voted for you to take care of us... Do your job

Mr. Opposition...
Shut The Hell Up!

It is time for a truce,

It is time to UNITE

It is time for ALL HAITIANS to unite as ONE NATION...

It is time we wrapped ourselves with our Haitian flag and sing

"Pour Le Pays, Pour Les Ancetres
Marchons Unis, Marchons Unis"

It is time we did what has been on our flag for the past 198 years

L'Union Fait La Force!
One Nation Indivisible

It is time for Haitian Politics to reflect the NEEDS of the Haitian People

I am not asking for a new president, I am not asking for a new government, I am only asking The President and Government to do what they were hired to do in the first place

The Haitian Government is a JOB... Not an Inheritance!

I do not wish to die on foreign land
I wish to be buried in Hinche Haiti, where I was born, next to my grandmother Adrienne Joseph, grandfather Jules Saint Preux, and all my ancestors

Haiti is still the richest colony, all we have to do is fix it

Haiti is still "La Perle Des Antilles," all we have to do is clean it

Mr. Politician, Give the Haitian People what they want, they will give you what you want

Article by Woodring Saint Preux

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Topic says...

you are right.

I'm a student at an art school trying my hardest to be the best and it is hard to try to stand out when others are putting you down when they know that you are a haitian.

I just wish that it would be advertised more that haitian are very hard working people to and not cannibals trying to eat eah

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Topic says...

well said.

thank God these idiots and drug trafickers are no longer in

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