Haitian Artists complain about ENCADREMENT - Whose job is that?

The other day I was having a conversation with a Haitian artist (painter) who told me that he was so disappointed with his lifestyle as an artist that he gave it up and started focusing on business instead... Most of the Haitian artist out there, paint, music, movies, etc, do it for love not for money, he says... He prefers business as it makes more financial sense...

The man told me about a time he went to Africa to represent Haiti in a contest. For him it was a total humiliation, both going and coming back to Haiti...

No "Encadrement" whatsoever he says...

The Encadrement he is talking about is the framework that allows an artist to look, feel, and live like a star...

Unfortunately, in Haiti, FAME comes easy for some but FORTUNE, I hate to say, is lacking for many talented young men and women...

My new Haitian artist friend is not the first person to complain about that. for decades, the Haitian artist has been complaining about this same old thing... No "Encadrement"

BUT who is supposed to "Encadré" the Haitian artist? The Government? The fans? The media?

How does that work?

What do you think about that?

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Roosevelt says...

Encadrement in my opinion is the fans responsibility to carry the artist as a superstar, but you can't just claim to be a star. just because I sing in the shower, it doesn't make me a singer, I've been to a few shows displaying various Art work from Haiti, and base on some work of Art they are just that painters not Artist.

it is a business and Haitians don't know how to network and capitalize on their success, Art is passion, if your first purpose as an Artist is financial gains, then stay as a painter.

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Subject: Haitian Artists complain about ENCADREMENT - Whose job is that? edit

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