Did you know about the Haitian Aerial Reforestation Project (HARP)?

How Areal Reforestation Works
I was doing a little search on the web bout aerial reforestation seed bombing and I accidentally found out about the Haitian Aerial Reforestation Project (HARP). Reforesting Haiti is possible and we don't have to go around hand planting our forests...

What is the Haitian Aerial Reforestation Project?

In 1987, Lynn Garrison created the Haitian Aerial Reforestation Project (HARP) in which tons of seed would be scattered from specially modified aircraft. The seeds would be encapsulated in an absorbent material.

This coating would contain fertilizer, insecticide/animal repellent and, perhaps a few vegetable seeds. Haiti has a bimodal rainy season, with precipitation in spring and fall. The seeds are moistened a few days before the drop, to start germination.

Tons of seed can be scattered across areas in the mountains, inaccessible to hand-planting projects.

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Rick Yasko Is there a campaign yo fund this project? If so, how does one sponsor involvement?
Reply · April 10 at 4:17 PM
Franckner Good for Haitian
Reply · June 21 at 5:17 PM
Reply · June 20 at 10:16 PM

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Subject: Did you know about the Haitian Aerial Reforestation Project (HARP)? edit

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