Is Haiti a place where you are NOT allowed to give credit?

Are Haitians capable of showing love in public for something that they believe in without being harassed by the guardians of NEGATIVITY?

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh...

Sometimes I get the impression that, in Haiti and in the Haitian community, you are NOT permitted to give credit where credit is due without walking away with stigmas like: Ti sousou, 'w-ap souse yon zo', Fanatik, Militan, 'fe Chien nan pie', ti grangou, or a number of other name callings...

It almost feels like everyone is OK with bashing and bad mouthing each other... We are perfectly comfortable saying that something sucks, you don't know what you're talking about, President so and so must 'Rashe manyok li', such and such organisation 'ap kraze zo pep la', 'An ou leve kanpe pou nou soulve KONT...'

Think about it... We are very efficient as destroying each other.

We can say all of that but how many times do you hear:

"Wow... This is good!"

"Good job... I am proud of you!"

"He is doing a wonderful job!"

"This organization is turning around, they are improving..."

"I am behind you 100 percent of the way"

If these things are being said about a politician in Haiti, God forbid, the media will attack you... and IF this "politician" is ever EVICTED from power, people in your own community will come and burn your house down.

I am not kidding... This the main reason why a Haitian can LOVE you but he will keep it to himself... This is also why a Haitian can witness MURDER but he will not come forward... FEAR...

Is that the price that we must pay for being IN FAVOR of something? Of someone? Of a movement? Of a cause? Of law and order? Of Haiti?

Is that why every Haitian who stands FOR something must keep his mouth shut? keep his opinion to him/herself?

I will ask again...

Are Haitians capable of showing love in public for something that they believe in without being harassed by the guardians of NEGATIVITY?

I grew up in a country where Conservatives, Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats and Independents all live in the same neighborhood. Every time an election is over, they all go back to being Americans.

We can do that can't we?

We need to do that... Each and everyone of us must work very hard to adopt that attitude... At the end of the day, we must all go back to being Haitians.

We must stand for something... Something great... Something worth dying for...

Those guardians of NEGATIVITY... We need to ignore them and show love anyway for what we believe in.

I believe that there are more of us than they are of them...

Their mouths are louder than ours... Reverse that...

Someone once told me, if you want change you must talk about it, discuss it, think about it as if the change you want already happen... Only then will it materialize in front of your eyes.

You want a better Haiti, talk about Haiti as if it is already better. Associate yourself with people who think like you and who want the same things you do... Stay away from the rattle snakes, as my friend and motivational speaker Rene Godefroy would say, they will infect you with their venom and strip you off your desire for a better Haiti.

If you believe in something, say it... Say it loud... Soon you will hear echoes... Other people just like you coming out of hiding will join you and say it louder...

Remember... Those people who are calling you Ti sousou, Fanatik, Militan, 'fe Chien nan pie', ti grangou, they are people who are either too afraid to stand for what they believe in or have something to gain by keeping the status quo.

They will never see things your way and they will use the fear of CRITICISM to keep you inline.

Do NOT let the fear of being criticized keep you from giving credit where credit is due. Make it a habit of congratulating your Haitian brothers and sisters for doing it right instead of criticizing them for the ONE thing they did wrong.

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Jan Francis says...

I homologate with you. IT IS time for some haitians to learn how to treat with respect and dignity those who are trying to do good

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Priscilla Coquillon says...

Well said! Thank you for sharing it. Its unfortunate but its true. There has to be a wash out of negative thoughts and attitude in the Haitian community.

I call it the Slave mentality.

It has never left our unconcious

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Nelson says...

That's so yes i m saying that all the time most of the time i make enemies for

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Ulysse Sou Facebook says...

I realize that Haitian politics is ugly. As a Haitian American I am looking from the outside in to Haitian politics.

It's crazy that here in the United states most Haitian Americans are on the same page politically, we tend to vote for and support democrats.

It makes me wonder why there is so much of a division within the Haitian political climate.

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David Grant says...

In my view, the Haitian politicians are to be blamed for this. They are the ones to set such example.

The government in power must stop trying to muzzle its oppositions and; therefore, its supporters will try to emmulate the government.

Why does a government has to remove all security to an ex-president just because the latter made allusion at the chance of his of winning the next election?

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Miejo says...

love and respect should be the

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John says...

Se fou yo fou deye yon group, kote le etraje bezouin fe yon bagay ki pa bon yo itilize yo pou lajan avek lide machann peyi yo, yo pa janm bay kredi a pesonn se kritike selman, yo pa janm adopte yon sistem kap bon pou peyia anpil anpil lot

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Damebochie says...

Another masterpiece! Hats off Woodring!

And as someone already said, the main reason is ignorance.

Many Haitians refuse to give you credits because they fear doing so is belittling themselves.

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Jean says...

Once again you're right we haitians we're like that. we do not know until when we're going to change this

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Patrick Gaspard says...

One candle chases away darkness, and one sngle voice chaters the silence of fear and changes a curse into a blessing.

I raise my voice and call out with

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