Haiti - US Ambassador Pamela White is OUT, Peter Mulrean to replace her

Pamela White Ambassadeur Americain en Haiti - Construction barrage Riviere Grise
The United States of America is sending a new US Ambassador, Peter F. Mulrean, to Haiti to replace Pamela White in this post... There are lots of reactions on the Haitian social media network regarding news of this change...

In a press note from the White House, US president Obama named Peter F. Mulrean, Nominee for Ambassador to the Republic of Haiti, Department of State, along with 4 other ambassadors nominated in other parts of the world.

Did you know? US Ambassadors generally spend three years in a given country...

Pamela White has been the US Ambassador to Haiti since January 2012. With all the tensions in Haitian politics the past few years, Pamela White has been a controversial figure, especially amongst the Haitian opposition.

What do you think about that?

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Paola White This old witch was a disgrace.
Reply · December 17 at 1:59 AM
Marie Nadine Pierre Jah love. I think that Pamela White should have been removed years ago. In fact, she should have never held the position. She brought a lot of hate... see more
Reply · May 08 at 9:25 AM

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Subject: Haiti - US Ambassador Pamela White is OUT, Peter Mulrean to replace her edit

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