Haiti - Turning Trash into Compost, the new Government Plan

What happens to all the trash that leaves Port-au-Prince for the Truitier Landfill? The Martelly-Lamothe government has an idea... They are presently in negotiations with potential investors to turn that trash into compost...

According to SMCRS Director General Donald Paraizon,
The Haitian government will do a market study to compare the price of the compost with the price of fertilizer which they are already subsidizing.

There is a lot of organic trash in Haiti that is going to waste all over the county, organic trash that could easily become compost to be used in agriculture if only they were separated from the plastics and other foreign materials mixed in it.

In many parts of Haiti there are no landfills, so people simply pile the trash along the riverbeds, when the rain comes it becomes somebody else's problem downstream.

Did you know? --- While compost does not have as high a concentration of macronutrients, this is actually better for plants and the soil in the long run. Constantly spiking your plants with fertilizer is about as healthy as feeding people sugar.

Read: Compost Vs. Fertilizer on eHow.com

Haitian farmers are not big fans of using but good old compost from deteriorated organic matter from the local trash? Now thats something worth trying...

What do you think about that?

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Connie says...

Most of the trash I saw was

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Marie Salomon says...

Great idea to move the country forward.

We can keep learning and network with others to achieve more income and circulate the

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