All foreign passport holders travelling to Haiti must pay a fee at the airport

Attention everyone traveling to Haiti with a foreign passport, you will be subject to pay a tourist fee set at 10 U.S. dollars or 10 euros or $10 Canadian, whichever is more convenient to you, upon landing in Haiti starting 01 July 2014.

United States Passport

Whether you arrive in Haiti by land, sea or air, you will pay that $10 unless you are a child, a diplomat, or you hold an official passport...

This is according to a note from Haiti's Ministry of Tourism.

QUESTION: E tout Diaspora yo ki genyen paspò etranje yo?

What about Haitian citizens who hold foreign passports?

Tough luck... The note did not specify anything about that.

Even if you are Haitian, as long as you fly to Haiti with a non-Haitian passport you will pay.

No Haitian Passport? Pay $10... LOL...

What do you think about that?

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Nel says...

I hopes choose to do it right, they have to specify, because any native Haitian even with an American passport should not pay this

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Jean Talleyrand says...

I think its good thing, paying some money to visit Haiti could never be a bad thing but I would love for the gorvernemt to tell us what program this money actually going toward and when I visit Haiti I can look for improvement in that area!!!
My only problem with Haitian Authority taking anything specially from the diaspora community is when we get to Haiti we don't see any change.

We support this country on a day to day basis and we would love to go to Haiti to see improvement when you take money from my money transfer or for visiting just please take the money but show me something that I can feel good about thats my

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Lani Bersch says...

This is not a new thing.

I've been going to Haiti for over 15 years and when I started, there was a fee. I;m not sure when or why they stopped.

I think back then it was more, maybe $17?

C'mon, its not such a big

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Ricart says...

@Dave Dwet Keyz La

That's a question that should be asked to Michel J. Martelly via Twitter: @MichelJMartelly

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Rza says...

I think it retard all they going to do is pocket the money..

It's not like the money is for infrastructure, bridges, highways, police officer.

None corrupt government or clean water for the Haitian people.

The way the Haitian diaspora get treated its unbelievable without out the diaspora contributions I don't know what will Haiti become.

You need the diaspora we deserve to be treat

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Dave Dwet Keyz La says...

Why we still have to pay that extra$10 when they already make the tax so expenssive on the airline ticket for example I book a fly to Haiti for 7/23/14 the price is $730 while I book the a fly to DR which is next door to us on the same date the price

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Dave Dwet Keyz La says...

Why do I hVe to pay extra $10 for when I'm paying $720 for the ticket then If I'm going to DR on the same date 7/23/14
Is only. $322 why the tax on the airline ticket for Haiti so

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Nh says...

Another way to make it difficult for people who are trying to help....

sure...make us pay....

we are coming to conduct medical clinics in remote areas because the poor get no help from their own government ...and instead of the Haitian government showing us a little support or thanks, now they want to tax us to help the

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Paul Petit Compere says...

Mwen bien conten ci ce pou yacht gnou avion pou Haiti, li Le' li

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Georges Valme says...

Why not?

in all other countries they do it and it is more than $ 10.00. The tourism in Haiti needs money to built, to embellish and even make Haiti green.

This will create the funds to hire more people to keep the streets clean, hire more policemen for our

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