Haiti Top Priorities - Who decides what is or isn't a priority?

Let's play a little game... LOL... Let's assume for a moment that the president of Haiti, let's call him AKIM, and his administration decide that education, road building (infrastructure), electricity, tourism, job creation, industry, etc... are THE top priorities for Haiti right now...

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh...

In the mean time, there is this poor Haitian guy, let's call him JEAN, in the streets complaining about "lavi chè."

To JEAN, if president AKIM doesn't wave a magic wand to reduce food prices, "fok li ale..." For JEAN, that's the priority...

But that's not all...

There is this other guy in Haiti, let's call him JOE, who benefits, from the constant chaos in the country... His priority is to stay in power (monopoly or otherwise)...

To JOE, CHANGE is bad... So he manipulate JEAN, and others like him, to go out and protest for 'lavi chè' when in reality JOE's priority is NOT AT ALL to make life better for JEAN...

Wait... There's more...

There is yet another person in the equation, let's call him BOB...

BOB is a big RICH businessman OUTSIDE of Haiti who is profiting from Haiti's poverty. His products are cheap and selling like hotcakes all over Haiti. Bob knows that if there is INDUSTRY in Haiti, he will no longer be able to import his cheap products into Haiti for profit.

So BOB finances JOE, who then pays JEAN, to rise up against president AKIM...

You see? BOB's priority is not Haiti at all... He is just a merchant business man trying to make a profit... His priority is to make money. Who cares if Haiti remains the poorest country in the western hemisphere! BOB is not Haitian, that is not his problem.

With an equation like that, does President AKIM stand a chance to finish his term? Do the the people he so cares about stand a chance at a better future? Does Haiti stand a chance to rise up from her ashes?

Couple that with a Haitian majority, so SUBMISSIVE that the call it "bien elvé", who will jut sit there, "men nan mashwè" and watch president AKIM and all his priorities "alé"...

Babay Nicole!

"Rashe manyòk ou... Bay teren an blansh..."

QUESTION: Who decides what is or isn't a priority in Haiti?

Who really cares about Haiti as a whole?

  • AKIM?
  • JEAN?
  • JOE?
  • BOB?

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Rose says...

Though situation.

For many years we set down the problem that haiti is facing, but can never bring a solution.

Lets us ask ourselves would it or not be better that another country to occupy haiti?

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Nap Kite Sa says...

1.To me Akim seems to care about Haiti the most and has shown due diligence.

2. Bob is doing what he does best to all third world countries.

3.Joe is the Bette Noire of all epic times throughout Haitian History.

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Marie says...

Akim cares for Haiti.

But he can not do it alone.

Jean could be good but he is too impatient.

The other two, they just here to fill out their pocket.

They are no

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Raymond says...

that equation is basicly the truth in my love's

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Ti Joe says...

If you ask a Haitian in Petionville to list the top priorities for Haiti, you will get a list. Ask the guy in Cite Soleil, you get a different list.

Believe me, everyone has a list, those who are taking advantage of Haiti, those who are being taken advantage of, even those who are donating gets to decide what they think Haiti needs.

But which list is more beneficial to the country as a whole?

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