Haiti: The Lab Rat of the Modern World!

Do you know what they do to lab rats? I just finished reading The Secret History of the Haitian Earthquake and the only thing that came to my mind was: "Man... Haiti is the lab rat of the developed world."

Haitian Proverb - Mikrob pa tiye ayisyen

You should read i. The Secret History of the Haitian Earthquake, the transcript of a lengthy interview with Jonathan M. Katz, former AP correspondent in Port-au-Prince... Anpil pawol nan interview sa-a...

Something that caught my attention... Do you share this sentiment?

In the interview, Jonathan Katz says: "A lot of the ideas that have infused American and European ideas of development have been formulated in Haiti... that's one of the major issues... People who are working in development, humanitarianism, UN peacekeeping, etc., can come in to Haiti and basically test any project out and see how it works. Then those ideas are taken from Haiti and put into other places...

After the earthquake, there obviously is a little of the reverse going on, where you see ideas that have been practiced in other places exported to Haiti. And then when it fails spectacularly, the attitude is, 'Oh well, we tried this experiment and it didn't work, let's write a report and move on,' and then nobody actually has to be responsible for the impacts it's had on people's lives."

Se pa ti koze non mesye! Se gwo pawol wi Jonathan ap di laa... Hey... Adjeyyyy...

Many topics are discussed in the interview. There are questions about:

  • Moving the peasants off the countryside
  • The destruction of 13 million Creole pigs
  • The flooding of Miami rice into Haiti
  • Politics of course...
  • The element of racism
  • Humanitarian aid in Haiti
  • The usefulness of people living in Camps since the earthquake
  • Prison-construction programs in Haiti
  • The true meaning of the plan to stabilize Haiti

Jonathan M Katz is the author of "The Big Truck That Went By: How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster." His book is getting great reviews on Amazon.com

Feel free to comment about the interview or his book if you read it already...

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Josy says...

We are in the last days, and JESUS CHRIST is coming back very soon. My favorite chapter in the bible is Matthew 24, and all the prophecies came to pass already.

Please read your bible, confess your sins, and The King is on his way. There are a lot of different chatters about new world order, mark of the beast, and other stories.

This present pope is suppose to be the last one, and a book just came out about it "Petraeus Romanus".

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David Grant says...

I heard several conspiracy theories that has developed after the eartquake has devastated the country, Haiti.

It is promulgated that it is the work of the HAARP aimed at controlling the world population growth.

One wonders whether this can be

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Paul says...

Ayiti se pitimi san gado. Depi le mwen te we yo touye tout kochon kreyol nou yo, mwen te konnen peyi ya te

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