Haiti, A Student Killed, A Suspect In Jail, Why is there a Protest?

In Haiti there is no such thing as a peaceful protest. tout bagay se voye wosh, gaz lakrimojen, epi Haiti bloke...

I am trying to understand the reason why there is a student protest in Haiti right now, and why they shouting "Se Pou Martelly Ale!"

There is a an incident at a university, a policemen pulls out his gun and shoots a student. That policeman is arrested and sent to prison. The prime minister of Haiti say he will make sure that justice is served.

"That's not enough!" one Haitian student said...

"Se pou ti simonn Martelly a ale!" another one says...

These are the students who are supposed to graduate from the universities of Haiti and become our future leaders. These are the same students who will be needing JOBS in the newly reconstructed Haiti which may never happen because of what they are doing today!

What the policeman did is wrong. If he he is guilty, he has to pay.

BUT... Is a country of 10+ million supposed to HALT because of the actions of ONE idiot?

Must a sitting president RASHE his MANYOK every time one random idiot does exactly what we expect idiots to do?

Bon... Si Jezi vini ou kwè li pral Haiti? Wouuuuuyyyyyyy!!!

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Marie says...

Oui JEZU ap met piel ayiti, paske chanjman sa selman Jezu ki ka potel.

Sa kap pi bel la lom pap kapab touyel anko. Le sa ayiti pral gen yon

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Keener Michel says...

Bann assassin suspan fe lobey, bay peyi d'hayiti chans li. Jesus reviens

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Oded says...

bon se pa fot yo se yon ban moun fou ki haiti yo pa indike yo pa kon wer kote moun ap viv epi tou se sa yo wer senater yo ap fer ak depite yo yo oblije ap fer sa tou Prezidan pap mete yon loi pou sa pa boule kaouchou nan lari a silv pler fe lekol pou moun fou sa yo pou vres moun ka vini nan peyi

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Robergeau says...

My brother you are right those student don't know what they want. what kind of country we will have when those inversitaire finish.

I think it's only in Haiti you find those things.

Do they know what they go to school for?

Shame on

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Bettermyself says...

It's time for Haitians to understand that wheter they like Martelly or not, the man has to finish his term. Haiti will never see any progress if the are always ready to "dechouke" when things don't go their

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Patrick Princivil says...

I understand that, what the police man have done is not right, but you Diasporas! Tell me when in Canada-US you saw people burn tires and did other wicked thing like the Haitian's people are doing?

Because I am in Canada from 1990, I've never seeing people in US-Canada do terrified thing like that, not even in the TV or Internet.

Président Martelly need to take action against people who burn tires on the streets like that. Why they didn't do that from when François Duvalier and Jean Claude Duvalier was Président?

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Jean says...

Oui, si Jezu vini, se Haiti min-m li prale paske se la pwoblem yo chita.

Kote pwoblem yo ye, se la Jezu toujou ale. Ou songe koman Natanael te repon-n Philippe le li te di li ke li renkontre ak Jezu ki soti Nazareth.

Natanael repon-n Philippe e li te di-l:"Eske gnou bon baguay ka soti nan Nazareth"
Ou konnin biin ke se Nazaret ke Jezu te

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Jhonny says...

I couldn't agree more, great

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Gregory Jean Paul says...

When will haitians learn to live as civilized people.

ninpot ti bagay se boule kawotchou.

politik Dessalines sa koupe tet boule kay se pou te chase blan franse, men jodi a kiles haitien ap chase?

sa se yon politik sot li ye paske peyi ya pap janm construit.

Il est temps pour que ces choses la disparaissent et qu'ensemble nous rebatissons le

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Alexadre says...

Se yon pep fou san edikasyon se konsa lap toujou ye anyan pap janm change nan peyi sa

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