Haiti Sports - Petionville Residents gather at Place Boyer to watch the 2014 World Cup

Many residents of Petionville Haiti residents came out to watch Brazil beat Croatia at the opening day of the 2014 FIFA World Cup on the big screen at Place Boyer... It was an exciting atmosphere, according to media reports, and a whole lot more...

Fanatik football Haiti ap gade Coupe du Monde 2014 la sou Place Boyer Petionville

Besides football, there were also lots of other entertainments and free gifts.

Also read: The Haiti Football Blog for live World Cup updates in Haitian Creole before, during and after the games

Haitian soccer fans came out in full force to watch Football at Place Boyer and enjoy some good music from some of Haiti's best DJs. This photo is actually from @DjJackPanfire who tweeted: "Place Boyer Men fanatik yo #Haiti #worldcup #DjJack".

We don't have the full details about the event except that this event was organized by comedian Kako Bourjolly. This event is supposed to continue throughout the world cup season.

I am sure that Place Boyer in Petionville is not the only open air party going in in Haiti for Coupe du Monde 2014. Whatever I find out I will share with you.

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Huguens says...

I do really appreciate the job u r doing by keeping the diaspora informed.

if others take it for granted, I don't.u really keep me posted of what is happening in my homeland.1000 thks. le li bon fok non di li bon.fok nou aprann enkouraje pa selman dekouraje.

again thk

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Haiti Nouvel Sport says...

Haiti - Sport: Anpil moun debake sou Place Boyer nan Petionville Haiti pou gade Coupe Du Monde 2014 la sou grand ecran...

anpil mizik, kado, bal bagay mwen

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