Don Kato (Brothers Posse) at NY Labor Day Festival 2014 - LIVE on a Float...

Haitian singer Don Kato of Brothers Posse will be performing live on a CHAR (float) in the streets of Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn New York this Labor Day, 01 September 2014... This news has been resonating on Haitian radio the past few days...

PHOTO: Haiti Don Kato sou Ticket Magazine, li pwal nan Labor Day Festival

It is Don Kato himself who broke the news to us Thurday, Haiti newspaper Le Nouvelliste writes, everything is all set for Brothers Posse to attend the Labor day Fest in New York.

Brothers Pose left Haiti Sunday. There was even a photo of Kato on the plane circulating on Facebook...

After he arrived in Brooklyn, there was another photo of Kato with artist King Kino walking in the streets of Brooklyn...

What is the big deal you ask?

If there is a musician President at the white house in Haiti, why not have a musician leader in the opposition? Don Kato is the opposition figure of Haitian music in the politics of Haiti... LOL...

For the past few years, Don Kato and Brothers Posse have been unable to perform at the Carnavals in Haiti... "Boycotted, they say, by the Authorities, because of they carnival lyrics" Le Nouvelliste writes...

What do you think about this?

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