Haiti Roads - Hinche to Thomassique, A Driver's Punishment

There are two sides to this article:

Haiti Dirt Roads - Hinche To Thomassique

1) My experience as a first timer driving to from Thomassique Haiti to Hinche

2) A comment from a resident of Thomassique Haiti after talking to him about it...

Part two will probably make you laugh, and at the same time help you understand that we the people of the Republic of Haiti , we don't really expect much from our leaders... Probably why we dont really get much...

Here goes...

Part one:

The other day, a friend of mine asked me to drive a car for him from Thomassique to Hinche. I am telling you, this is either the roughest massage of my life or a real punishment.

I don't think there are any roads in the entire world worse than that stretch of road from Thomassique to Hinche Haiti.

I drove and and drove and drove, up and down, side to side, upside down, only to realize that I was just a few kilometers away... I finally reached the town of Los Palis.

Jesus.... And to think... My friend does this all the time... No wonder he is so skinny... Fighting with that darn steering wheel must be a real fat burner.

I am telling you... Man... If you want to punish somebody, make him drive from Hinche to Thomassique Haiti. If you really hate hate him, make him drive back to Hinche on the same day...

Ok... So that's what originally wrote until...

Part two:

I told another friend from Thomassigue how disappointed I was and how sorry I felt for him driving there all the time.

Misye reponn: Sa-w ap di la-a man... Wout la bon konye a? Thomassique gen bon wout monche? O...O... Gade misye!

(What are you taking about man! The road to Thomassique is good now!)

He proceeded to tell me that the road from Thomassique was so terrible at one point that he cautioned another friend about driving his new Ford Explorer SUV to Thomassique.

Mwen di misye se pa nenpot moun li ki mouri ki pou ta fe-l pran machin pa li pou kondwi al Thomassique!

(I told him he would have to have a very special case of death in the family for him to take his car and drive it to Thomassique)

There you have it folks... The road to Thomassique is... GREAT LOL...

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Mizeliah says...

Nan ane 70 yo se konsa rout nodwes la te ye omwen nan zonn lavo, jan ke nou wel lan nan foto sou net la si li te konsa jodia nou te sove. Haiti bezwen komanse travay seryezman sou zafe konstriksyon Rout lekol lopital ak zafe sante piblik.

Nou deye

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John says...

Ou pa te janm kondi soti Okay pou ale Jeremi anvan yo te fe rout sa-a?

Ou tap rele anmoue pou Haiti.

Mon che Haiti bezwen moun kap panse men se panse rapid pou fel mache anba tonton

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Christopher says...

The road from Hinche to Thomassique is nothing compared the road from Gonaives to Port-de-Paix, continued to Saint-Louis-du-Nord, Anse-à-Foleur then through bouk aux Borgne then Port-Margot.

Anyone can try it it not from Nord Ouest.

Tande byen, ou ginyin pou fe de Gonaives a Port-Margot nan 2 jour e apwe, fok ou ale swiv docteur.

please try it and enjoy it


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