Former Haiti President Peval says UN tried to remove him from power BEFORE his term was over

M'gen zen pou ou pitit... In the documentary Fatal Assistance by Raoul Peck, former Haiti president, Rene Preval, says the United Nations tried to remove him from Haiti before his term was over... WHAT??? Wi pitit... Edmond Mulet di Preval ou MANTI...

Rene Preval - Former President Of Haiti

Men bon zenzen... LOL...

Read this from The Star...

In a recently released documentary, Préval says the former head of the UN mission in Haiti called him on the day of the internationally sponsored elections in November 2010, to say "political problems" required the president to leave.

"I got a phone call from Mr. (Edmond) Mulet, who was head of MINUSTAH, saying: 'Mr. President, this is a political problem. We need to get you on a plane and evacuate you,'" Préval says in the documentary, Fatal Assistance. "I said: 'Bring your plane, collect me from the palace, handcuff me, everyone will see that it's a kidnapping.'"

Edmond Mulet says... Oh... Noooo... Noooo... That is NOT True...

"I never said that, he never answered that... I was worried if he didn't stop the fraud and rioting, a revolution would force him to leave... I didn't have the capability, the power or the interest of putting him on a plane."

LOL... Deblozay kay manman zo!!!

Hee hey...

Chay la lou o... Ma woule... Chay la lou o m-pa sa pote... m-a woule...

What do you think about thes new charges against the UN by former Haiti president Rene Preval

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They Both Full Of Bs says...

I believe the former president Rene preval...

The UN or the minustah they are not doing anything in Haiti other then physically abusing these

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Guilbert Printemps says...

It's not a surprise to me, Haiti is a protectorate, cause they say we are not mature enough to govern

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Subject: Former Haiti President Peval says UN tried to remove him from power BEFORE his term was over edit

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