Haiti - Penitencier National to be Demolished soon

PHOTO: Penitencier National - Port-au-Prince Haiti
Haiti's National Penitentiary (Penitencier Nationale) in downtown Port-au-Prince will soon be demolished, Justice Minister Jean Renel Sanon recently told the Associated Press...

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Penitentier National is a prison that was build to to hold about 800 to 1,000 inmates but now houses more than 4,300...

How is that possible?

Well... Inmates are packed like sardines in those prison cells designed to hole about 30 each, an article published by HPN a while ago suggest that as much as 150 inmates are placed in a single cell at the Penitencier.

My father told me some horror stories about that place... He was a political prisoner under the Duvalier regime for over 6 years at the Penitencier Nationale.

We do need more prisons in Haiti but some people will happy to see this one go bye bye...

What do you think about that?

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Gauthier Saintilud In order to prevent the overcrowded prisons in Haiti, the government should build new prisons in the isolated places. The towns and the cities may... see more
Reply · September 20 at 9:38 AM
Rose se prevue ke peyi a gen plis vole pase moun serieux se sak fe penitencier a gen plus moun ke sa li supoze genyen
Reply · September 19 at 9:11 PM

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