Haitians Start Online Petition against Digicel action to Block VoIP services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz

Many Digicel Haiti mobile customers are upset over the company's decision to block Voice over IP (VoIP) trafic to services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz. One customer has started an online petition. Over 400 people have already signed the petition which spreading quicky via social media...

Haiti - Digicel Block VOIP Viber Tango Nimbuzz etc...

Also read: Haiti - Digicel Now Blocking VoIP services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz

The petition, translated from French, says:

Following the decision of the Digicel to block the use of VOIP applications on the grounds that they are unlicensed.

Me being a consumer, user and supporter of free software and applications for digital media such as: Computers, tablets, phones etc ... I run this petition to say no to this arbitrary decision.

The message is clear,

"No blocking of free apps, we pay for internet data, we have the right to use them as we see fit, with applications that make us happy. It is not up to Digicel to impose on us what we must do."

See the Petition here...

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Kermine Presendieu says...

the act of digicel haiti blocking (voip) the free software used by digicel consumer over their data plan to communicate and socialize with their family is pure greediness of digicel corporation
and the haitian government to capitalize on the mass population consumer loose digicel win

l'acte de Digicel Haïti blocage (VoIP), le logiciel libre utilisé par Digicel consommateurs sur leurs données à l'intention de communiquer et de socialiser avec leur famille est la gourmandise pure de Digicel

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Marc says...

Change d opérateur tout simplement si ça

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Vilus says...

Where do I

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Subject: Haitians Start Online Petition against Digicel action to Block VoIP services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz edit

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