Haiti News Soup -- Kidnapping, Clifford Brandt, Michel Martelly, Moise Jn-Charles, Lobey...

In case you haven't been following Haitian news in the past few days let me de-brief you... Kidnapping melanje ak Politik an Haiti! Bagay tèt chaje nèt al kole...

President Mitchele Matalla, Bandi Legal - Michel Martelly

Anpil pawòl... let me try to summarizes it for you...

Clifford Brandt has a badge from Haiti's National Palace that identifies him as a COUNSELOR to President Michel Martelly...

Kisa??? A presumed kidnapping big boss has a badge from Palais Nationale? Konseye Prezidan-an???

O... O... Gen toujou wi!!!

The man in charge of the CAT Team (Secret Service) at the Haiti National Palace, Marc-Arthur PHEBE, is one of the man arrested in connection to the Brandt kidnapping case. The Haitian news media says this man makes more as a part time employee for the Brandt family then a senator of the Republic of Haiti... LOL..

Kisa? li fè plis kòb pase Senator Moise Jean-Charles???

Wi Pitit!!! Ban-m ba-w zin non... LOL...

Speaking of Senator Moise Jean-Charles... Depi lè nouvel sa-a tonbe a, Senator Moise Jean-Charles has been on the radio saying President Micky is managing his troops of Bandi Legal at the palace!

Quoting defend.ht, "The senator went on to denounce the administration for having vast ties to the criminal underworld, kidnappers, drug dealers, "bandi legal", gangsters."

Sa Moise t'ap chache anlè, li jwen li atè... LOL... Tèt chaje!!!

What is the response from the the National Palace?

The spokesman for the National palace says the badge is FAKE... No badge has ever been printed with the name Clifford Brandt. Fransè-w bon? li nouvèl sa-a la-a.

Kisa ankò...

Oh yeh...

Remember the two policemen who were murdered last week in Haiti. The Haitian news media is reporting that they were executed so that they would keep their mouths shut.

I didn't know what to think about that and then just now, I read this article: HAITI: Assassinated Cop Led Kidnapping Ring from Police Station... anpil pawol pale nan atik sa-a...

There you have it my friend... You've been De-briefed!

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Mac says...

Who know's if we'll ever really get to the bottom of this. The Brandt families money is long, and reaches into a lot of governmental offices.

This thing could get tied up for years until things cooled or forgotten.

I hope not for those families that were affected by trama of a family being kidnapped and violated, justice must be

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Patrick Princivil says...

This is a serious business, do not try to create trouble before his five years are finished.

Other countries don't reveal any negative about there presidents, Queen or prime minister.

Accused or not he has to stay for five years; i know what you are like already after one or two years you try to kick out your president, you have to stop your bad habit.

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Paul says...

Thank you for the news. Last time I checked, there was the name of one of the president's sons mentioned as one of the kidnappers.

What's up with that?

L'enquete se poursuit?

Brandt said he was number 5. So who was number 1 and number 2 in the ring?

I need to

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Mj says...

Thank you sir for the debriefing, I'm glad and happy that you staying on top of this

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