Haiti News, Haiti is In the New York Times Today

There is an article in today's New York Times (April 5) discussing the only possible way to end poverty in Haiti. Have you read it?

New York Times Haiti News

One or our commentators think this New York Times column and video about Haiti "is going to create quite a stir."

Written by The New York Times Columnist Nicholas D. Kristof, the article is about a poor Haitian woman living in Cite Soleil Haiti, who is already the mother of nine, and she is pregnant with her tenth child.

Here is my favorite paragraph fro the the article:

"The best way to elevate women, by far, is to educate girls and to give them opportunities to earn income through micro-loans, factory jobs or vocational training. It is sometimes said that the best contraceptive isn't the pill or the IUD, but education for girls."

Read the full article, , and post your comments below

Thank you for bringing this article to my attention

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Grow-up Haitian says...

I don't know why everyone is quick to speak negative and to be honest it all too negative.

The only thing haitian can do for haiti right now is to speak good about it. Think about it; the world only know our bad profile.

when there is more to haiti, than sun city and you guys know that. than who are we bullshiting in that realm.

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Josiane Gedeon says...

I agree that education is imperative to the solution but what about the father who refuse to use condoms and or other controceptives.

when your husband is the bread winner in the home; most of the time the women are left to the will of their husbands.

Children are expensive in any

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Gigistpreux says...

If you read the article carefully, Kristof gave a worldwide estimate of unplanned pregnancies.

I do not think that the article was being critical of Haiti.

It was more so that we need to educate Haitian females (and males), provide them with the necessary information to protect themselves.

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Robert says...

News is usually bad news, it's not that every news about Haiti is bad news, have you been watching TV lately, there's bad news all over the world.

Pran couraje

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Berthauny Bernard says...

Today iam taking big pleasure to give my opinion aboutthe article because i see every newspaper they always talk about bad situation of haiti.

I don't thing Haiti is the only poorest country in the world, it is time to take next country like

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Guerline says...

anny time haiti make news is someting bad, never good news tank you so much for keep me

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Patrick says...

I just finished watching the video.

Although I resent the fact that the author used Cite Soleil for her documentary because it is no way a represntation of Haiti but he made some good points acknowledging that the problem is more complex and education (both men and women) would play a significant role in resolving it. I wished he spent more time on the socio-economic and cultural factors that cause a woman to have so many children.

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