Haiti Leaders Seriously Pushing the Haiti Tourism Agenda

Haiti President Michel Martelly, prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, and Tourism Minister Stephanie Balmir Vildrouin are doing their best to push the idea of "tourism in Haiti" through the minds of the world tourists.

Caribbean Beach Party - Rara, Kanaval At The Beach

All this week, the world media has been talking about Haiti on a tourism standpoint but... Like all the other article about Haiti, the media will inject some trashy sentences about the country immediately after saying "Oh... They are doing a good job over there!"

Of course they inject all the negative reasons WHY NOT but we all need to focus on the WHY...

Tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry and Haiti needs to tap into that... by any means necessary...

We have sunshine, we have white sandy beaches, and we are in a prime location.

Let's give them something to talk about!

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Jean Claude says...

God is the one who gives security.

I f we want Haiti to be secure first, we all need to go to Him to do so for us. Remember my friends, words are powerful and God used WORDS to create everything we are taking for granted today.

Stop cursing with our mouth what God said is GOO!!!We Haitians are good people and we are positive.

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Jean Claude says...

Can we just STOP the NEGATIVE?

let us all give Haiti a chance to

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David says...

According to an article i red the other from morning time herald.

Haiti and Costa-Rica have the lowest crime rate 6.9% in the Americas.

So let's spread the news so we can bill a better future to for our people and our beautiful Haiti.

May God bless you and may God bless our beloved

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Richelet says...

Stop unapprove the people! I understand if you don't believe it or want to believe that. but stop with the scarry thoughts.

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Maritane says...

once security is in place Haiti has my vote on

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Serge Desrameaux says...

If Tourists come here in Haiti, it should be a great thing.

However, because of security's problem, Haiti is not prepared yet to receive tourists.

If the government do so and something bad happen, the government will be responsible.

The better thing is to resolve the problem of security

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Reginaod Solon says...

For years it had been my dream to put my beloved HAITI in the front as the leader offor tourism in the Caribbean even though I am not partaking in this great idea I'll still support it beautiful idea beautiful country let's beautify HAITI thank you Woodring for this wonderful piece of

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