Haiti Income Tax Deadline (Impôt sur le Revenu)

Did you know? Haiti has an Income tax deadline... All working Haitians have to file their "Impôt sur le Revenu" and submit it to the Direction Generale des Impots (DGI)... But when is Income taxes due in Haiti?

Taxes in Haiti - Tax Time for Haiti

Here is what I read on the "Impôt sur le Revenu" document on the web site of the Haiti Ministry of Economy and Finance on Chapter 3, Section 1, Article 127:

Each year, a Déclaration définitive des contribuables (Definitive statement of taxpayers) is due at DGI... The deadline for this income tax statement is 01 February. You have pay taxes on your income for the previous fiscal year.

Konbyen Haitien ki konnen bagay saa? (How many Haitians actually knows this)

Peyi a pa yon gagè non, byen ke se sa anpil Haitien panse, se lwa yo wi ki pa ranfòse... (Many Haitians think that anything goes in Haiti, that's not exactly true!)

What do you think about that?

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