Haiti Imports more than One Million Eggs PER DAY from the Dominican Republic!

WOW... What's going on here? Chicken in Haiti don't lay eggs no more?

I read an article from Agence France Presse and they say that "Haiti imports more than one million eggs PER DAY from its neighbor [The Dominican Republic] by border crossings."

That's more than 365 million eggs per year!

Pop Quiz: How much does an egg cost in Haiti?

In Las Americas, Santo Domingo DR, where my sister lives, it it costs about 6 pesos for one egg... So... 365 million eggs... that's more than 2.1 Billion (with a 'B') pesos... Jesus!

So the Dominican Republic is making BILLIONS in Haiti on EGGS alone... Epi-w panse li nan interè yo pou Haiti chanje?

Mira... Tu ta loca moreno?

Que los Haitianos viven más tiempo para consumirlos nuestros huevos... Si senior...

So obviously, there is a demand for over one million eggs per day in Haiti... AND... No one sees a business opportunity here???

Man... Where the hell is money when you need it!

M'ale papa... but first... Watch this video!

I doubt if the Dominicans do it like that. But that don't matter, we need food... so here... Eggs!

Eat... LOL...

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Legrand Parisien Salvant says...

Remember, these are American businesses not Dominican.

It is part of the way of retrieving the remittances sent to Haiti.

I have told people and they did not believe me when I said: if America did not find a way to get back the money sent to Haiti, it would have outlawed

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Paul says...

It's a shame that Haiti is importing eggs from the Dominican Republic.

On my most recent trip to Port-au-prince, I was really shocked to see imported bananas from the Dominican Republic on sale all over the city.

I guess Haiti cannot even produce that either.

I wonder if people in Haiti really know how Dominicans treat Haitians in their

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