Haiti I Am Sorry - Have You Ever Heard This Calypso Song?

In June 2009, I was guest at the Tambrin Radio station in Tobago. I was introduced by this strange Calypso music singing "Haiti I am Sorry" and I can't begin to tell you how shocked I was; it was the first time I heard it...

David Rudder - Haiti I am Sorry

Listen to it... "Haiti" by David Rudder... Then I will tell you why I brought this up today.

If you are as touched by this song as I was prior to my radio interview in Tobago, be sure to share your thoughts about it.

Why this I bring this up today?

I just read an editorial article on the Jamaica Observer with the title:

"Haiti, we're sorry... again!"

You should read it.

The article explains that it takes disasters of unbearable proportions for the world to notice this little Republic of Haiti...

An earthquake...
A Cholera outbreak...
A Nasty hurricane...

Even when these thing happen to Haiti, the world throws a band-aid over it (a few million dollar, a few bags of rice), and then throws Haiti back in the "lost-and-never-to-be-found" box!

Very interesting article... And also... A very interesting song... don't you agree?

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Tia says...

Nice comment Free Press but you should by now know that it's ignorant people like you that keep the country from moving forward...

If you had a brain on your shoulder, you would have never made that comment.

BTW excusez francois mwen, ou imbecil anpil

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Free Press says...

This song was broadcast since late 80's. Foreigners like David feel sorry for a republic full of idiots, criminals and kidnappers.

Haitians are comfortable with their misery as long as they can own their RESTAVEK and give them KANAVAL anba fatra tet

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