Haiti Government Removes Security of Former President Aristide

The Martelly administration took the decision to remove the security of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide 48 hours after his appearance in court on Wednesday May 8 despite laws providing former Heads of State security.

Aristide Vs. Martelly - Let's Get Ready To Rumble...
Aristide Vs. Martelly - Let's Get Ready To Rumble...

The information was confirmed by Scoop FM radio host Garry Pierre-Paul Charles on Friday.

Read more @ defend.ht, audio also available.

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Nap Kite Sa says...

Mr. Aristide is a private citizen in his own country.

If he feels that he needs armed bodies around him, he is more than able to get them himself.

However, I am not clear under what law that Titide is untitled to armed protection paid by the

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Louis says...

Former president Aristide is a very intelligent man and a very rich man he could pay for his own security even better than what they were giving him anyway he is still a popular man in haiti may be not for the social class but for the mass population call la valas he is their massaya life is very unpredictable what you did in the passed could turn back and hunt in the future.

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Paul says...

"Pa neglige ba yo sa yo

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Lena says...

I am not a fan of aristid but he deserve to security mr martelly will be former president when his mandate is finish this is a wrong decision for all politician head

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Legrand Parisien Salvant says...

If it is true, that is part of the problem with haitian culture and politic.

We must respect the laws and systems even though the beneficiary is a foe. President Martelly must remember that he will be a "former president" in the near future (3 years).

Do we want the zealous thugs taking care of his security?

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David Grant says...

Mr Aristide is most and foremost a politician.

Whatever he has to say will always have political undertones.

However, this is no reason why the Martelly administration should bypass the laws of the country and remove all security which the ex-president is entitled to.It is clear that Mr Martelly is espousing a dangerous precedence a prelude to Duvalier style of authoritarian dictatorship.

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Verdes says...

peple laa abay

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