FLASH - Haiti Gasoline Prices Drops 6 Gourdes Nationwide

Breaking News... The Haitian government has decided to DROP the price of Gasoline by 6 gourdes; the price of Diesel has also been dropped by 8 gourdes across the country effective immediately...

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti

Some Haitian journalists complain while this drop in gas prices is not much it is a drop in the bucket...

What do you think about that?

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Paul Bance says...

Every town needs a station of gasoline in Haiti for the young Haitians people to learn to drive.

They should put buses on the roads like they do in New York, Canada.

Haiti should go faster, develop social mobilization, let us go places.

Every town needs car

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Garry says...

Mr. Woodring St.Preux.

I am not in any position nor I have a certain voice in the Haitian media by the way you do a great job.
The Haitian radio station are the biggest enemies of Haiti with false news and I think someone will have to face them with this problem.

If one listens to any of these stations, he/ she would never set foot in Haiti out

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Subject: FLASH - Haiti Gasoline Prices Drops 6 Gourdes Nationwide edit

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