HAITI - Flood, Disaster Everwhere!

Haiti is flooded, there is water everywhere!

Go to www.fouye.com for Instant Information all day
I am in Haiti, I will posting news all day

If you hear Haiti News go to: http://www.fouye.com/post.php
and post information

The population is already complaining for food and water
All over Haiti, Houses are destroyed, farms destoyed
there is chaos all over haiti

Go to: http://www.fouye.com/post.php tell us what you hear

= = = = = KREYOL = = = = =

Haiti, pwoblem toupatou!
Toupatou en ayiti se dlo

Ale nan www.fouye.com pou tout enfomasyon
Mwen an ayiti, m-ap poste nouvel tout jounen-an

si ou tande nouvel sou ayiti ale nan http://www.fouye.com/post.php
epi poste enfomasyon ou tande

deja, popilasyon ayisyen-an a plenyen pwoblem dlo ak manje
nan tout ayiti, kay kraze, jaden detwi

ale nan: http://www.fouye.com/post.php epi di nou kisa ou tande

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