Haiti estimated earthquake death toll rises to 316,000

The Haitian government has increased the estimate of the number of people killed during the devastating January 12 Haiti earthquake.

This announcement came during the one year anniversary the earthquake in Haiti.

Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive is now saying that more than 316,000 people died in the earthquaque. This is UP from the previous estimate of 250,000 casualties.

HMMM... That is 66,000 more Haitians who are no longer with us...

How you think the government came up with the number?

Do you think they really know how many people actually died?

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Josy says...

I estimated it at half a million souls from the beginning, and we will never know the exact figure.

It is very disturbing, and sad. You cry about it, and then get very

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Cluade says...

A place where you can read news, chat, watch movies, listen to radio and

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Josy says...

We will never know the exact number of souls who perished a year ago, and I am thinking half a million human beings died on January 12 last year. Port au Prince was packed with ten people in one room, and the government is incompetent.

We need to pray for them, and hope GOD will have mercy on all of us. I spent the first 15 years of my life in Haiti, and have not been home in 25 years.

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Garry Destin says...

That is why census is one very important matter.

That how a government knows its people.

Preval has no clue about how many Haitians in Haiti, how many left Haiti, how many sick, how many employed etc.
It is just a

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Max says...

I an totally agree with you .Something has to be done fast .As you said some Haitians do not really care, some of them know where they are coming from but really do not care.They want free food, free stuffs that is why they are still under the tents.

Last year, at the time of the earthquake some people walk from Port-au-Prince to where they are from, but some never went until they realized the opportunity and stayed back until now. Most of us know those people are from rural background, left lands and families in search of better life in town but unfortunately the earthquake happened .They are not helping, that is why the government find it difficult to begin the reconstruction.

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Miejo says...

it's about time that we, haitian realise that we have to take care of our country...

my grand father could have been 140 years old by now, used to have a big register where he wrote all the date of birth and dcd where he was living in lavallee Jacmel, so when some one needs to get his birth certificat came to see him for the exact date...that was his way helping people...

it's about time we haitian, must educate our children and let them know that they are haitian they must care about Haiti...

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Marygharlynn says...

How the governement came out with the number of our co-patriot who died?

So many people does have no birth certicate, no ID what so ever.How do they know?

Oh, please give me a break.

It is

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