Haiti - Environment - Is Haiti Getting Greener?

Is it me? or is Haiti getting a little bit greener? The other day, I was driving from Hinche to Port-au-Prince and, I took a good look at one mountain ranges in the panorama and it looked greener than usual.

This morning, I woke up in Pernier, Haiti, I looked at the mountains, and it seems greener once again.

This one of those phenomenon that I can't really explain, it's like a feeling, something you didn't notice and all of a sudden you notice it.

If you are in Haiti, step outside, take a good look at the same mountain top you're used to seeing and tell me if you feel the same way I do.

Do you think Haiti is getting a bit greener?

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Kelvin Scoon says...

It has been proven that if left alone for a few years, nature would recover.

Hopefully that is what is taking

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Patsey says...

While in Haiti this past April, there were areas that seemed as though the mountains were greener.

However, still a greater majority of the mountains we passed seem to still be bare. I guess it depends on where you area. Hopefully when I return next year in May, there will be much more greenery to

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