Haiti Energy - More and more Tap-Taps are Switching to PROPANE from Gasoline

Haiti Energy Update -- More and more tap-tap owners are converting their gasoline powered taxi over to PROPANE... One of the biggest expense of a Haitian tap-tap driver is the cost of gasoline. One driver who converted his tap-tap over to PROPANE admit saving 400 gourdes per day...

PHOTO: Haiti - Propane Powered Tap-tap

While I pulled over at a Bon Repos pumping station to fill up our propane powered Sports Utility Vehicle, I noticed there was a tap-tap inline waiting...

"You use propane on your tap-tap?" I asked the driver...

"Man, it was about time ti did," he replied, "This thing is a life saver!"

"What do you mean?" I replied, "How much money are you saving by running on PROPANE instead of Gasoline?"

"Let me tell you," he replied, "I used to spend $1,000 gourdes per day on gasoline. Now, I spend $600 gourdes per day on PROPANE... That's $400 gourdes I am saving each and every day..."

He went on to explain to me that he is not only one who has converted his vehicle to propane in his tap-tap route. Many of the tap-tap in the area of Canaan are using propane.

What do you think about that?

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Jay says...

mwen ta rimin konnin ske changeman gazoline de propapane sa a inspekte e aprouve pa minis tranportation an paske nou konnin si pa male pwopan sa a ta xplozer ki dega sa ka

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Shimeleroy says...

si ce yon bagail qui bien condisionerce ta va on von bagail mais moin pas ta vle que ce you nouveau zam pou tuer plus noune le li

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Woody says...

Assuming this man goes out every day to make ends meet, he will save over 140,000 gourdes per year just by switching to propane...

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Subject: Haiti Energy - More and more Tap-Taps are Switching to PROPANE from Gasoline edit

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