Haiti Employemt - The HOPE Act

The United States Congress enacted the Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement (HOPE) Act of 2006, which was implemented on March 19, 2007.

Haiti Open For Business

HOPE provided duty-free entry to the United State garments manufactured in Haiti. This legislation was aimed at progress toward a market-based economy, increasing employment, enhancing the rule of law, eliminating barriers to U.S. trade, combating corruption, and protecting internationally recognized human and worker rights.

US economic engagement under the HOPE Act has boosted apparel exports and investment by providing duty-free access to the US.

Congress voted in 2010 to extend the legislation until 2020 under the Haitian Economic Lift Act (HELP); the apparel sector accounts for about 90% of Haitian exports and nearly one-tenth of GDP.

Sources: USAID, Wikipedia

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