Haiti Electricity - "Vòlè Kouran" beware, EDH is coming for you!

Haiti's electricity company EDH just sent out a warning to everyone in Haiti who amuse themselves by steeling electricity that they will soon pay dearly for their actions.

Haiti - EDH at Work - Electricité d'Haiti ap Travay

Haitians steal electricity like it is their constitutional rights to do so. They want electricity but most of them don't want to pay for it. EDH wants to put a stop in it.

All Haitians citizens have been warmed that, one week from 22 May 2017, anyone caught steeling electricity will be severely punished.

Not only that, any employee of the electric company who suffers damages or electrocution as a result of such practice, the client or group of clients responsible will be directly responsible.

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Subject: Haiti Electricity - "Vole Kouran" beware, EDH is coming for you! edit

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