Haiti Education - NO MORE Graduation ceremonies except in PHILO, Education minister says

Haiti Education Minister says ENOUGH with all these graduation ceremonies costing Haitian parents TOO MUCH money each year... Starting immediately, the only graduation ceremony permitted by the Ministere de l'Education Nationale et de la Formation Professionnelle (MENF) is for "Classe Philo", the last year of school in Haiti...

Haiti Education - Ceremonies de graduation interdites excepte en philo

This decision seems to receive approval from many Haitian parents on the social media networks, one commentator posted on Facebook: "Excellent decision in a country where the economic conditions of the population is really difficult..."

Parents in Haiti have been complaining about the fact that they are forced to dish out lots of money for school graduations and many times, they just don't have it...

What do you think about that?

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Topsecret Jahlove says...

Ki selebration Haitian yo te konn fe deja,,,,sa pou yo regle yo, yo pa Jan pale De sa,,, pou mize anpil timoun ap passe pou ale lekol a pye San manje yo pa di anyen sou sa

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Ghislaine Decayette says...

I totally agree with The Minister of Education.

A lot of families are bearly able to pay for school or eat for that matter, where or how can they afford graduation expenses?

It's greed on the part of these school Directors, you know the money is going into their pocket.

OMG!! Where's the common

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Jean Foukan says...

Good decision, this will help most of the Haitian parents big

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Genevieve says...

I myself believe it is a great decision.

Seriously it's really hard for some parents and it is your child you would do whatever you can to keep up with the one that's have a better life than you I'm glad they see it; finally they put in ends to

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John says...

that's a great news for

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Jocelyne says...

I don't like that decision because the other countries do it why Haiti don't want to do it the graduation pictures is a souvenir for them. children and

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Frantz says...

Good decision.Well

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Marianne says...

Je suis entire d'accord, c'est pas juste d'avoir autant de ceremonies dans un petit pays ou la majorite de ses citoyens meurent de farm.
Superb idea! The Haitian schools don't have to have so many graduations which are too costly for the

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Me Michelle Desrosiers says...

Haiti est pays qui s'ecoule au nivellement par le bas puis qu'il n'y a plus de tetes bien faites pour penser et agir en sa faveur.

Eliminer les niveaux de graduation, qui en elles-meme la satisfaction du sacrifice devote par les postulants grands ou petits pour arriver avec fierte a cet achiement, c'est enleve tous ces dedications, honneurs, et encouragements de ces dit-etudiants pour un demain meilleur.

La graduation c'est l'ame de la cloture d'un niveau scolaire a un autre.

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Candy Rieger says...

Finally some common sense!! Good job, Min. of

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Subject: Haiti Education - NO MORE Graduation ceremonies except in PHILO, Education minister says edit

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