Haiti Earthquake - 3 Months Later, Sa Ki Nef?

Today marks the 3-month anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, It's been 90 days... The quastion is... What is the state of our union? Are we better or worse since the earthquake of January 12?

How is Haiti doing?

  • Is she still in on her death bed?
  • Intensive care?
  • Is Haiti in the recovery room?

Seriously, I am asking you...

  • What do you believe is the state of our union?
  • What have you heard?
  • what do you know?

I am not going to talk to much today. I am tired, lots to to, and my brain needs a recharge. so I will let you do the talking.

But... there is one thing that I have to bring to your attention.

Since the Haiti earthquake, there are hundreds of thousand of Haiti people living in make shift shelters in conditions that I never witnessed not even on Marainne Lolote's pig farm back in Labergue, my country paradise.

And for the last 90 days, all the Haiti's decision makers, foreign and domestic, have been trying to come up with THE ultimate Haiti plan... THE BIG MOVE... Hmmmm....


Except the unfortunate people are still on the pig farm and it's 3 months later.

That reminds of something Hollywood actor Sawn Penn said the other day while being interviewed by CNN regarding a shelter that his organization is overseeing in Haiti.

He was asked:

"What have you learned after spending so much time in disaster zones, especially in Haiti?"

He simply replied:

"I've learned that, in disasters, overcaution kills people."


What's on your mind?

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Roseline says...

nothing new, people are still suffering
in haiti/ i dont know what red cross did with the

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Josy says...

We are starving, but we are speaking French.

The majority of Haitians cannot read, or write.

Our brothers, and sisters are eating dirt. Haiti is still in the dark ages, and we have no electricity.

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Yvenson Plaisimond Ministe says...

Después de tres meses la situación en nuestro país es peor todavia, nadie sabe cuando por lo menos los haitianos van a tener una vida normal, caundo las cosas van a cambiar como todo el mundo lo esperaba.

Me da verguenza los politicos en

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