Haiti - Dany Laferriere's Mother is Dead

Marie Nelson Laferrière, mother of Haitian author and Académie française immortal Dany Laferriere has died Thursday 11 May 2017.

PHOTO: Haitian Writer Dany Laferriere at Academie Francaise

Marie Nelson Laferrière lived to see his son, Danny, receive the highest honor in the French Language.

Being an immortal is the highest honor granted in the French language... Laferriere is the first Haitian to receive this Honor...

For the rest of his life, Daniel Laferriere will be one of 40 members of L'Academie, responsible for being the official authority on the development of the French language in France and around the world...

Marie Nelson Laferrière was 90 years old.

Our condolences to Dany Laferriere and his family.

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