Haiti - Business : The Employee vs the "Ti Machann"

Who makes more money in Haiti? An employee or a Ti Machann? -- A few days ago, I overheard a man in Haiti complaining to my father about how little his monthly paycheck is... What if we compared his salary to the income of a Ti Machann? Who do you think makes more money in a month???

"What can I do with 700 Haitian dollars?" the man said to my father... That's about 3,500 Gourdes.

How much does this employee makes compared to a Ti Machann?

Let's see...

If you divide his 3,500 Gourdes by 30 days, that's about 116 gourde per day... I think a Ti Machan with a solid little business makes more money than that employee but I swear to you... That employe, with his shirt nicely tucked in his pants, will not dare lower himself to the level of a Ti Machann...

But what exactly is a Ti Machann?

A "ti machann" in Haiti is a micro entrepreneur who makes money every day. What most ti machanns do for a living in Haiti, most "quote on quote" educated Haitians will not do that..

Hell No...

Instead, they are busy looking for office job, 'Chemiz andedan pantalon' jobs, basically jobs that are RARE or non existant in Haiti, not realizing that the 'Machann AK-100' and the 'Machann Fresco' make more money...

Se pa di m-ap di tou Haitian pou mete yon kivet sou tet yo pou yo al brase nan lari a non? Mwen just vle fe-w konpran ke nou pa dwe souzestime profi ke yon moun ka fe nan lari-a le li gen yon ti business nan men li epi l-ap rantre kob tout lajounen...

Let's put CLASS aside and think business for a minute...

1 - Who do you think makes more money? A machann AK-100 or a bank teller?

2 - Who would you rather be? The machann AK-100 or the bank teller?

Give me an honest answer and tell me why...

What do you think about this?

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Vlad says...

After living in the US for so long and always have some type of bills to take my income away, I'd vote for the Ti-machann a million times; given that it will equal much more in income with much less bills in

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Daniel says...

Machann ak 100 make money every minutes she make more

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Jacques L says...

This is the never ending problem in Haiti: We put a negative spin on EVERYTHING that can be productive for us. While it's good to have a "chemiz nan pantalon" job, but if you can "brase nan lari-a" to make a living, do so until you can put a "kol ak kravat" for work. And so we limit ourselves into situations we cannot control.

Because the guy in the "buro nan bank-lan", someone will have to hire him. But the "machann pistash" hires

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Garry says...

Ti machan is the blood flow of

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