Haiti bans the import of meat and eggs from the Dominican Republic

The Haitian government has banned the importation of meat and animals products from the Dominican Republic until further notice due to the resurgence of avian flu over there.

The Haitian Ministry of Commerce said Thursday that "the ban takes effect immediately."

I guess that means "Poul di" (chicken) farmers are about to see a spike in profits! LOL...

Remember this quote?

"It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared." (Young Jr., Whitney)

Hope the Haitian chicken farmers were prepared!

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Ricart says...

The claim that "Haiti is getting better" is absurd.

Haiti is a failed state with a GDP of 7.346 billion.

To put that in perspective, the poorest nation among Spanish-speaking country (Bolivia) has a GDP of 23.95 billion.

Furthermore, Dominican Republic's GDP is 55.61 billion (approximately 7 times bigger than than that of Haiti.

The Haitian government is grandstanding and picking a fight it cannot

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Sergo Buissereth says...

Good Job!!!!

No pain No gain. Love

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Dambochie says...

Kudo to the Martelly administration for taking this measure.

I hope the Haitian farmers understand the governement is just trying to protect its people and so they won't smuggle chicken from DR into the country.

However, knowing how ignorants and selfish some of my compatriots can be, I am afraid somehow, they will disresgard the ban! God help

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Richelet Crown says...

I like that, that's what they called Granmoun dans son lakay.

And that is an example of Haiti getting better.

because it takes courage to refuse things that you might want & need. in time needed, in order to protect your own

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