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Haiti Education - Yon elev lekol leve granm maten pou etudie "qu'est ce que la temperature?"

Haitian Students Maten an mwen tande yon eleve lekol ki leve a 4:00 hr du matin nan yon fredi mwa desanm pou li ka edudie par coeur "qu'est ce que la temperature?" more »

Jacmel Haiti Public Prosecutor's Office Vandalized, Evidence in a murder trial stolen

Justice is sleeping in Haiti - The justice system has been put to sleep by crooked politicians and a corrupt oligarchy Here's something you don't read about everyday... Unidentified men in Jacmel Haiti vandalized the "parquet de Jacmel" (the public prosecuter's office) stealing, among other things, video evidence in a murder trial... more »

Haitian Vetiver Fragrance at a high end retail store shelves in America

Ermenegildo Zegna - Haitian Vetiver Fragrance If you want to purchase a fragrance made from Haitian Vetiver get ready to dish out some 'dola'... Pictured here are bottles of Ermenegildo Zegna Hatian Vetiver pictured on display at a high end retail store in New York... Say What??? more »

Dominicain an di: Nenpot Resource ki genyen Haiti, Haitien Dyabolize li

Haitian Voodoo - Vodou in Haiti, a vodouisant making her request to the Lwa ISTWA TOUT BON... Yon jou mwen visite lakay yon zanmi dominicain ki abite sou fontyè Haitiano-Dominicain an. N-ap pale, Misye di-m konsa Haiti genyen anpil resource naturel men, olye pou yo ta exploite resous sa yo, yo prefere diabolize yo... more »

Car Accidents - Auto Insurance in Haiti, is it true what they say?

OAVCT Sticker - Assurance Vehicule Haiti Have you ever been involved in a car accident in Haiti? There is something about driving there that scares me... I've been told that if you get into an accident in Haiti, and God forbid you injure somebody, although you have car insurance, you are responsible for the full care of that person, hospital bill and all... Is that true? more »

Paste-a di: Ou pa bezwen lajan, le-m mouri, ou pap ale ak Anyen, Fidel yo fache...

La Saint Bible - The Holy Bible (French) Mezanmi... Koze pa pou nou... Gen yon pastè ki bay yon prèch jodi dimanche la nan Pòtoprens ki pa fe anpil fidèl fache... Fidèl ki gen konprann yo... Pastè a di: "Ou pa bezwen lajan, lè-w mouri ou pap ale ak anyen..." Pandan se tan, gen yon fidèl ki fè-m konnen ke madanm pastè-a ak tout pitit li ap viv Ozetazini pou rezon ensekirite... more »

Fanm Haitienne yo Lot Nivo... Respe Pou Nou...

Yon fanm Haitienne Nan Kizinn la ap fè Manje Medam Haitienne yo, respè pou nou... Mwen kwaze ak yon fanm Haitienne sou wout mwen ki fè-m renouvle respè mwen genyen pou tout Fanm Haitenne yo... Respè pou nou tout... Istwa-m pral katonte nou la-a, se yon ti istwa byen senp men ki vle di anpil bagay... Tande... more »

Kenscoff Mayor Blocks Foreign Media from Filming Inside Marketplace

Daily Haitian food shopping list - Groceries from the local marketplace A couple of celebrity chefs went to Kenscoff Haiti to tour a farmers market accompanied by journalists, the mayor of Kenscoff said no, they cannot come in. more »

Depute Arnel Belizaire Gets a TWO-DAY visa to the United States

Arnel Belizaire TWO-Day visa to the United States Have you ever heard of a TWO-DAY VISA to the United States? Well... That's exactly what Haitian Congressman (Depute) Arnel Belizaire got... a Visa valid for two days (48 hours) to travel to the United States... more »

Haiti Prime Minister Relationship With Petra Nemcova Stirring Controversy

Wyclef Jean and Petra Nemcova "Wyclef Jwe deja," the article starts on a Haiti news web site, Referring to Petra Nemcova, now the love interest of Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, quoting comments from various names on Facebook and suggesting that Petra Nemcova is a 'shodye prete' (just a loan) to Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe from either Sean Penn or Wyclef Jean, whom they suggest, have both been past boyfriends of the Czech supermodel. more »