Haiti Selling POOR Quality Gasoline at the Pumps, Le Nouvelliste reports

The quality of fuel being sold in Haiti is "bad" according to a report from Haitian Newspaper Le Nouveliste. You think you are putting 95 octane Gasoline in your engine? You're not... Keep on reading...

Gasoline Quality - Haiti Test Results

The Gasoline and Diesel being sold at the pumps in Haiti does not meet the standards posted in the gas stations.

In NO pumps in Haiti is the 95 octane gas standard really available. We sell 89 octane, sometimes octane 84, according to well-informed sources who have had access to studies conducted on the quality of petroleum products available on the market, the newspaper said.

If your French is good read the article Haiti consomme de l'essence de mauvaise qualité from Le Nouvelliste

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Matt I'm sorry you guys in Haiti have to settle with low quality fuel. My friend is working on getting better gas for Haiti.
Reply · November 23 at 7:16 PM
Will Nap fin mouri mon Dieu. Dominicain ap rache nou ak manchet epi syro-libanais yo ap tuye nou ak machandise contreband expire tet neg.yo importe gaz... see more
Reply · July 27 at 10:33 PM
Haiti Carburant La qualité du carburant vendu en Haiti est "mauvaise" selon un rapport du journal haitien Le Nouveliste. Vous pensez que vous mettez de... see more
Reply · July 27 at 7:51 AM

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Subject: Haiti Selling POOR Quality Gasoline at the Pumps, Le Nouvelliste reports edit

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