France Will Repay Reparations Debt To Haiti - It's a Hoax!

Rumor spread earlier this week that France has agreed to repay 21.6 billion U.S. Dollars to Haiti, a refund for all the money extorted from Haiti after we won our independence from France. It's not true, It's a Hoax, maybe the biggest Haitian Internet Hoax in history. Read the full story here.

Haiti France Reparations Controversy

Do you Remember? President Jean Bertrand Aristide demanded that France repay over 21 billion U.S. dollars to Haiti.

President Aristide said that it was the equivalent of 90 million gold francs Haiti had to pay back to France just because we fought for our freedom, we fought to end slavery, and we won.

Freedom is not cheap you know...
And Haiti has the scars to prove it...

We paid that wrongful debt to France from 1825 until 1947!

Do you believe this?

No wonder Haiti is poor, that was really big CHALIMO doing the stuck-and-suck in our independent *** If you know what I mean!

WELL... It's a Hoax... It's Not True... and France Wants To Sue!!!

Last Wednesday was Bastille Day (Jour de la Bastille) in France and a group calling itself "the Committee for the Reimbursement of the Indemnity Money Extorted From Haiti" pulled an elaborate hoax on France.

An actor posed as a French government spokesman and announced that France would reimburse Haiti all the money we had pay to France after winning our independence back in 1804.

Watch the video: France Haiti Reparations Debt Hoax

(video not available)

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That would've been nice wouldn't it, especially now...

To make it even more believable, the fake announcement was posted that same Wednesday on a near-replica of the French Foreign Ministry's Web site.

The good news for Haiti...

Although this is obviously a prank, I read a headline on a website and I think that some good may come out of it for Haiti.

The headline reads: "A prank website is bringing France's colonial crimes into the spotlight."

What do you think about all of this?

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All Comments (6)

Jean Rosue says...

pou mwen li ta enpotan si la france tal fel vre men livre som sa a bay leta ayisyen se met peyi a nan yon eta pi grav que jan li ye avek bann soused san sa yo ki nan pouvwa

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Tomy says...

Mwen dako a 100%100, minm si sa ta fet, gouvernement ap mange epi gaspiye tout, pep la minm toujou rete nan mizer.

So i don't care much about it, as long the people (mass pep la ) will not benefit from

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Marla says...

mwen ta renmen sa, men gouvenement haitien
pral manje tout, epi pep la ap toujou

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Richelet Etienne says...

! I love that.
That's the biggest news ever for

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