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Many people ask me why I try so hard to provide FREE services to my Haitian community...

The reason is simple...

I once read a Robert Kiyosaki book called "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and it changed my life.

In it I learned NOT to work for money but to work for FREE.

You see when you work for money, you do just enough not to get fired BUT when you work for FREE you do what needs to get done.

Because I never put money first when I start a project for the Haitian Community on the web - projects like,, - I spend what ever money I have to in order to bring my Haitian community a high quality website that they can find useful now and in the future.

I also try very hard to make sure these sites make it to the very top of the search engines and I do it all for FREE...


What's in it for me?

For the first time I will admit the truth and I hope you understand.

Fouye! in creole means "to dig"

Fouye! Network is my idea factory... it's where I dig for ideas...

You see, while I don't really know what the rest of the world wants, I know what my Haitian People want online and I try to provide them with what they want.

Once I supply them with what they want, once I build the system to maintain that supply, then I start thinking of ways I apply these same concepts and systems to other areas and other markets in order to make money.

Example 1 - The same concept I use to bring haitian news to is used to make me money on an internet marketing ebook site that I own

Example 2 - The same concept and/or system that I use on is used on my brand new site and is giving me the opportunity to tap into the Hip Hop industry.

The beauty of it is...

I've been trying to make money online for a long time but I could never find a money making idea UNTIL I decided to use what I know and love to help my Haitian people online!

My message to you is...

If you really want to be successful in something, then use it to help people first. if you do that, then ideas will come down in your brain like a rain storm.


I don't really make money with my Haitian websites but my Haitian Website Ideas are making me money every day elsewhere.

So when Mr. Kiyosaki says "Work for FREE if you want to be rich," I know exactly what he means.

I think every Haitian person should read My Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad Poor Dad,

in fact...

the whole world should read "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

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Topic says...

hey can i get the copy of the summary of each chapter?

please i need it right

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Topic says...

i need a copy of your summary of rich dad poor dad...please do it as soon as possible.

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Topic says...

Dear Cay Benitez,

I was not given the serial right for the summary.That is why I can't share it freely with my new friends like u.

All the same can u tell me what u want to do with the summary so that I may consider the possibilty.And what is your A.S.L. & email adress.

My A.S.L. is 32,M, Lagos, Nigeria.

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Topic says...


can i ask for a copy of your summary of rich dad-poor dad?

holler at yo' boi

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Topic says...

Good day.
I have done a 7 page summary of rich dad poor dad.How can I get a second serial rights for my summary.

Any help?

Bye & take

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