Fonkoze Bank Robbery in Thomonde Haiti, 3 Million Stolen

Individuals have broken into Fon Koze, the local microfinance institution, in Thomonde Haiti and stole 3 million gourdes.

Haiti's National Road 3 - Welcome to Thomonde

The robbery, which occurred late night July 15-16, 2012, left people in Thomonde speechless, inclucing the local judge Wilfrid Lariviere

This is unheard of, Wilfrid says, a unique experience... An unprecedented disaster that no one expected...


There are ONLY FOUR (4) COPS in Thomonde

Yes... ONLY 4 police officers in Thomonde Haiti, a town with 57,000 residents.

And people are shocked because there was a bank robery?

Fondasyon Kole Zepol (Fonkoze) is Haiti's Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor. Fonkoze is the largest microfinance institution (MFI) in Haiti, serving more than 56,000 women borrowers, most of whom live and work in the countryside of Haiti, and more than 250,000 savers.

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Cenat says...

Nou mele, kenbe la Fonkoze .Haiti mele vre Bondye.

Bon se ou fonkoze nou te kwe epi kounyea se sa kap

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John says...

4 polis sa se nan movi pou we bagay konsa mwen toujou di presidan peyi a sipoze rele tout majistra yo ak la chanm ak minis enterie a pou ka kon nen konbe polis vil yo

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Danielle says...

hummmmmmmm!!! AMEN minm yo minm nan, ou ville ak 4 polices ki koze sa se

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Elizabeth says...

pa okipe bann vole yok vole lajan an anko. jiskile payi sa ap soti nan trou l ye a. koman w ta fe kwe yon kote ke yo kimbe lajan pa gin siveyans, min m kamera te ka fe travaye la.ou pap woe sa nan okinn lot peyi ke haiti.

yo konn sa yo te gin pou yo fe.yo min m ki vole lajan.

investigation red mare nan deye vole lokal

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Subject: Fonkoze Bank Robbery in Thomonde Haiti, 3 Million Stolen edit

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