Haiti - Actor SMOYE Noisy is Dead... Fact of Rumor?

PHOTO: Smoye Noisy
News Broke midday Wednesday that Haitian actor SMOYE Noisy is Dead... Haiti radio Signal FM reported it around 2:15pm with a bit of a doubt yet saying a known doctor confirmed it... Turns out... It is not true, Smoye noisy is alive and well...

KREYOL: Haiti - Atis Haitien SMOYE Noisy MOURI!!! Se gwo bri saa ki tap sikile nan lari a... Radio Signal FM te anonse sa men yo di yo pat vle konfime l... a la fin, se te just yon rumeur, Smoye est en vie!

UPDATE: 2:45pm Wednesday - Radio Signal FM said that this was only a RUMOR although they have not been able to reach Smoye Noisy to confirm... A journalist from another radio station denied the rumors they say...

According to some information circulating on social media, Smoye Noisy died of a heart attack at Hopital de Canapevert... A doctor by the name of Beneche Martial confirmed it, radio signal said...

UPDATE: 2:50pm Wednesday - SMOYE is alive!!! Radio Signal FM said.s

UPDATE: 6:35pm Wednesday - We spoke to Smoye... He told us jokinly "I am talking to you from Heaven" Smoye Noisy heard about his rumored death since the night before he said but he didnt think it was going to go this far.

What do you think about that?

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Emmanuel Joseph Que son vent continue à soufflé...
Reply · November 25 at 8:30 PM
Marie Dépi'w tandé sa, yo pa lwen touye'l. Si'm Missie, m jété'm.
Reply · November 25 at 5:40 PM
Sherlie Radio Kalbas Gran Dyol ou wè a,tank yo bay fo nouvèl
Reply · November 25 at 3:19 PM

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