First Haitians

Harry LaRosiliere, Born in Haiti, First Black Mayor of Plano Texas

Harry LaRosiliere - Haitian-American Mayor of Plano Texas Did you know this? Last month, the city of Plano Texas elected their first Black mayor, Haitian-American financial advisor Harry LaRosiliere. Who would think that there would one day be a Haitian Mayor in the Lone Star State? more »

Haitian Woman Alcima Fenelus, The Second Oldest Woman in the World?

Alcima Fenelus - One of the Oldest Women in the World, Lives in Haiti A Haitian woman, Alcima Fenelus, may just be the second oldest woman in the world. Second to Misao Okawa, named the world's oldest woman by Guinness World Records. Both women are alive, both 114 years old, both born in 1898 but eight months apart... more »

Fabiola Fameux, From Maissade to Miss PFUR Moscow, Russia

MOSCOW, Russia - Fabiola Fameux, a Haitian-Russian was crowned Miss Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) in the city of Moscow. more »

Woy! Mona Guerin Mouri !!!

Mona Guerin Haitian writer and playwright Mona Guerin, creator of "Woy! Les Voila!!!" died Friday, December 30 2011. more »

Jean Baptiste DuSable, Born in St Marc Haiti, Founder of Chicago

Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable Bust - Chicago IL In 1774, Jean Baptiste DuSable, a black frontierman born in Haiti, founded the City of Chicago, Illinois. In case you didn't know, Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable was born in St. Marc, Haiti around 1745. more »