Fidel Castro Steps Down as Cuba's President

This is not a joke! It's all over the news. Cuban President Fidel Castro had just submitted his resignation as Cuba's President.

Fidel Castro has been Cuba's president since 1959. Now at the age of 81, Fidel decides it is time to call it quits.

What does the United States have to say about that?

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte announced that despites Castro's resignation the U.S. embargo on Cuba will remain in place.

What do you think about that? Post your comments.

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Carlos Burrowes says...

Cuba should be a USA state for many reasons.

Cuban people must be American citizen by birth and, therefore, have the protection of the American constitution, if we ever want to see a prosperous Cuba and put an end to the political takeovers that have so plagued Cuban history.

To start with, throughout

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Carlos Burrowes says...

Mi nombre es Carlos

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

Hello, Alain Fidel has some credits but he is not all that. He has a vision where he wants to go and he did take advantages of what the Communist System has offered, but unfortunately our Leaders did not from the Imperialism by following Castro footsteps, which are a mistake.

The time is now to come together as Konfrere.

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Solitariorodriguez says...

Le Cuba sympathisant et le Haïti Été libre Associé des USA donne un commentaire :
La discrimination qui existe entre ce qui est cubain ou le haitien qui est des citoyens des USA et le haitien ou cubain qui n'est pas des citoyens des USA est énorme.

Quelques ils ont de la mobilité, d'autres n'ont pas de la mobilité.

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Carlos Burrowes says...

My writing is with informative aim.

When we look about Cuba we are to think in % because so many Cuban peoples and so different way of think.

I going to give my opinion abut Cuba and I ask sorry if I offend anybody.

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Frantz says...

The embargo of US on Cuba is a good sign to every body's eyes that show very clearly how the US politic orientation is all the time managing to private all the countries of Latin America and caribean from developing.

A comparison between Cuba and the other countries of the region can easily illustrate what I mean by

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Alain Romain Saintilus says...

I´m understand ´´man is not God´´ but Fidel makes more than a man, we must give him the respect, wathever Fidel Castro stay the man of the xx siecle and part of xxI, as say Voltaire ´´le genie n´a qu´un

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Michel Louis says...

I am very happy for him, because nobody puts him down. He steps down voluntary.

After nearly 50 years in power, he accomplished alot for the cubans people.For example, before Castro, Cuba was like a third world country, the people were without good education, without healthcare, the leaders were greedy like our leaders in Haiti.

taking the wealth of the country for their owns benefit.

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J-guy says...


Living here in florida where I see cubans crying and complaining about castro ...I don't understand why they can't just take him out of power like us Haitian have done in the past with no arms....for what it is worth ...again who cares ...castro has more than 95% of cuba litterate...Who cares ...not

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Pastor Vixama Jean says...

This is Castro time, oneday President Bush has to be leave.the power.

The bible sais one God has to be Leave on his tron forever.

On the bible Heb 13:6 Bible said Jesus Jesus is the same yesterday to day

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