Female Brazilian singer performs "Haiti DEKOLE" in Brazil, did J.Perry Get Paid?

On Facebook, a video surfaces showing a female singer from Brazil performing J. Perry's famous song "Haiti Dekole" on Stage.... Then the questions: Did she steel J. Perry's song? Did J.Perry get paid...

Claudia Leitte - J. Perry - DEKOLE

Who is SHE? Who is this woman singing J Perry's song?

A little research... then I find out...

The artist name is Claudia Leitte, one of the most popular axé singers in Brazil, the same Claudia Leitte who will singing "We Are One," the official song for the 2014 World Cup soccer tournament, which kicks off June 12 in Sao Paulo, with Jennifer Lopez and rapper Pitbull.

You know that song right "Ole Ole o... Dekole Ole o.... Ta remen koupe yon dekole..." featuring Shabba (Djakout #1) and Izolan?

This is J Perry's Original video...

This is the mistery woman singing it on stage in Brazil

They are even singing and dancing to Dekole it in health clubs in Brazil...

Who is SHE? Who this woman singing J Perry's song?

Turns out... Claudia Leitte sings Dekole featuring J.Perry

Did he get paid? I am sure he did... LOL...

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Calixte Guerrier says...

La musique haitienne est merveilleuse
Bravo pour Haiti et ses

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Maicom says...

Great words Ricart.

I dont like her, but as a brazilian I would love to have a Haitien comunity here. We are Africa, we are one.

And yes, he was paid to. Claudia is a professional singer, not a mysterious

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Ricart says...

So far there are plenty of good wills in Brazil toward Haitians.

While artists should be properly compensated for their artistic creation, it would be wise for Haitians not to antagonize Brazilians by making accusations of thefts and launching

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Subject: Female Brazilian singer performs "Haiti DEKOLE" in Brazil, did J.Perry Get Paid? edit

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